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3295 Triangle Dr SE, Suite #160
Salem, OR 97302

123 South 2nd Street
Jefferson, OR 97352

(971) 295-0990

Body Butter

How Body Butter Started

Owner-esthetician Samantha Warden says that body butter was one of the earliest parts of her mission to find the best skincare available. And it all started with a gift. “I used to work in an office and wanted to give everyone a gift, one that was special and homemade. I thought about things that people complained about – dry skin came to mind quickly. When I started researching lotions and body butters, as well as possible ingredients, and I realized there were amazing combinations not readily or locally available. Four Leaf Body Butter was born.”
From that first office gift, Samantha has adjusted and refined multiple recipes and scents to incorporate what she’s learned as she moved into the skincare world professionally. You’ll find well known ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter, but you’ll also find emu oil, hyaluronic acid and arrowroot. She now makes regular Body Butter and CBD Body Butter; meeting the needs of more and more of her friends and clients. Each small batch is made by Samantha herself, and you’ll find no one has higher standards for your skin than your esthetician.

Care for your skin

Body Butter helps to soften skin, and then deeply hydrate it. These body butters are lightly and naturally scented so they can be enjoyed by everyone. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and sourced to give the best results, and mixed in small batches overseen by a licensed esthetician with a passion for skincare. Simply rub a small amount on and let the moisture sink deep into your skin – the beeswax in the butter will help keep all the good stuff in without making you all greasy. For your skin, it will be love at first taste!

CBD Body Butter

CBD Body Butter

All of the great moisturizing properties of Body Butter with the added benefits of CBD. The CBD Body Butter is made with CBD isolate, which has no THC in it. Many people feel relief from pain and stiffness within 15 minutes of application. CBD Body Butter is perfect for people with intensely dry skin or aching joints. They’re also lightly and naturally scented and filled with ingredients that will penetrate and support your skin from the inside out. 

Ready to place your order?

Because Samantha creates Body Butter and CBD Body Butter in small batches and with unique natural scents, stock changes regularly! We’re happy to make sure you can get just what you want, just send us a message here. Tell us that you’re looking for body butter and we’ll let you know what’s currently available.

Apricot Kernel Oil

  • Has multiple omega fatty acids to help skin’s cell turnover and hydration
  • Known to help with inflammation of the skin, which can help with rosacea
  • Has antioxidants which can help to protect against UV radiation

Mango, Cocoa, & Shea Butter

  • Safe for acne-prone skin, and all other skin types
  • Loaded with antioxidants which can help to stimulate skin’s renewal process
  • Helps with maintaining the water layer on the skin to keep it moisturized

Aloe Vera

  • Has antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties which may help heal wounds
  • Can help heal burns – I use my body butter for mine and my family’s sun burn
  • Absorbs easily to quickly start moisturizing skin


Emu Oil

  • Penetrates deeply into the skin to help the lower layers plump
  • Is rich in omega fatty acids which may aid in hydration, inflammation, and healing
  • May help with aches in muscles and joints

Hyaluronic Acid

  • Binds water to skin cells to moisturize several layers
  • Attracts water to all of those layers to help with lasting hydration
  • Prevents over-production of oil that clogs pores


  • Known to be a great aid in general pain relief
  • May relieve inflammation of the skin and muscles
  • Research suggests it can help to calm rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema

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