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3295 Triangle Dr SE, Suite #160
Salem, OR 97302

123 South 2nd Street
Jefferson, OR 97352

(971) 295-0990

Natural Skincare Products

Your one-stop shop for the best natural skincare products and aromatherapy candles right here in Salem, Oregon.

Because we’re an esthetician-owned salon, we know and believe in the power of consistency when it comes to taking care of your skin! That means that you can’t wait until your next appointment with us to give your skin all the good nutrients it needs. We carry and sell all the natural products you’ll need at home to keep your skin it peak condition. You’ll find our main product lines and favorites below, but we always have more products in our Salem Be Bold Body Spa location.

We also carry Four Leaf BB, our locally made line of aromatherapy candles and wax melts that help keep you centered and supported emotionally. Because we believe self-care is a whole body experience.


Code of Harmony Products available at Be Bold Body Spa in Salem Oregon

Code of Harmony

We know that the world of skincare can be overwhelming! Every celebrity has their own line, not to mention the influencers. But we believe the ingredients you use on your face matter, and that’s why esthetician-owner Samantha Warden recommends Code of Harmony products above everything else. They’re full of powerful, natural ingredients that are organically and sustainably sourced and packaged in ways that help protect our environment.

At the core of these products is organic CBD, which helps balance oil production, support healing and calm your skin. It’s a true MVP in the skincare game, THC free and lab tested for safety. 

Oil Cleanser Deluxe

Our best-selling Oil Cleanser Deluxe is formulated to support ALL skin types, including oily and acne-prone. This gentle mix of botanical oils will cleanse the skin deeply and remove makeup while protecting it from Trans Epidermal Water Loss – aka: tight, dry, red skin.

Collagen Cream

Want the visible wrinkle-smoothing effect of a retinol product without the side effects? Code of Harmony Collagen Cream is a lush calming treatment and dewy moisturizer formulated to make your skin look younger, less stressed, plump, hydrated, and glowing! For all aging skin types, including sensitized, acne-prone, redness-prone, and aging.

Salvation Facial Oil

Salvation Facial Oil is a soothing blend of 14 carefully curated and well researched plant oils and antioxidants combined to provide your skin with calming, moisturizing, skin smoothing activity. Appropriate for normal, dry, stressed, sensitized, complicated, and aging skin.

Virgin Skin Youth Serum

Code of Harmony Virgin Skin is a multitasking Youth enhancing Serum especially for complicated skin, with loads of antioxidants and soothing benefits. Although calming, this formula is actively working to restore all skin types, especially acne-prone, sensitized, redness-prone, and aging.

Sativus Toning Mist

Tone, calm, and revive your skin with a light mist of cucumber-melon, botanicals, and skin identical humectants. Sativus Toning Mist is hydrating, skin softening, and nourishing to complicated, stressed, and dry/damaged skin.

Pomplio Serum

Pomplio Serum is a gently exfoliating night treatment that helps your skin look brighter, providing clarity and a smoother skin feel. For all skin types, especially complicated, sun damaged, and acne-prone skin.

Acidelic Micropolish

Acidelic Micropolish works double-time to exfoliate skin with a physical polish from Superfruit Seeds and a natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid complex that exfoliates skin gently and effectively. This scrub is a non-irritating oil-based balm that is rinses clean, is non-drying, and is safe for sensitive skin.

Collagen Masque

This jelly-textured masque is perfect for everyone in need of a mega dose of soothing hydration. Dehydrated skin types will love the soft, smooth skin texture and visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. This masque is both calming and stimulating, leaving skin dewy, refreshed, and hydrated. For all skin types.

Bioferment Detox Masque

Soothe and soften the skin, clear away dead skin cells, give the skin a deep pore cleanse, and feed it nutrients with bio-fermented Enzymes and Sea Kelp extracts. This masque can be worn for 20 minutes, or as a nightly spot treatment for break-out prone skin.

Four Leaf BB Body Butter natural skincare sold at Be Bold Body Spa in Salem Oregon

Four Leaf BB Body Butter

When it comes to getting your skin the moisture and nutrients it needs, we weren’t satisfied to just find you the best products. We had to make some of our own! Learn more about Four Leaf BB and Samantha Warden’s line of Body Butter here.

Fur natural skincare products for sale at Be Bold Body Spa in Salem Oregon


When it comes to taking care of your skin, it doesn’t end at your neck! While so much of the skincare industry is focused on the face, we love and recommend the brand Fur for their whole body approach to care. Their products are all created with clean, nutrient-dense products and everything they make is both dermatologically and gynecologically tested. Which means every product is proven safe for your skin and your most intimate parts.

We particularly recommend Fur to our wax clients, because there’s no better way to make sure that your newly sensitive skin gets the care it needs between sessions than to use Fur products. They specialize in reducing and eliminating painful ingrown hairs. But Fur is for anyone with skin!

Ingrown Deodorant

No matter how you groom, your underarms deserve better care. This clean, multifunctional deodorant targets ingrown hairs, discoloration, and body odor in one swipe. Whether your underarms are bare, bushy, or somewhere in between, our derm and gyno tested, water-based formula glides over hair and skin without a trace. All that’s left behind is a fresh, green scent reminiscent of the earth after rainfall.

All Body Wash

Lather up and love thyself. This daily pH-balanced restorative oil wash cleanses all bodies, all over for hydrated, softer skin. With balancing & cleansing ingredients, it’s gentle enough for use on your pubic area, but effective from head to toe. As you lather, the oil transforms into a velvety soft, milky wash.

Ingrown Concentrate

Gently banish bumps and redness. Together this all-natural oil and textured finger mitt soothe irritation and eradicate ingrowns, resulting in clear, smooth pores for even the most sensitive skin.

Fur Oil

Safe for your most sensitive areas and won’t stain your silk. Specifically designed for pubic hair and skin, our signature blend of lightweight oils gently softens hair and clears pores for fewer ingrowns and healthier skin. 

Ingrown Eliminator Serum

The ultimate in post hair removal care and ingrown treatment. This ingrown eliminating serum soothes irritation and eradicates bumps, leaving skin clear and ingrown free. It’s our strongest ingrown treatment, Ingrown Eliminator, packaged sustainably in a glass pump bottle.

Four Leaf BB Aromatherapy Candles and Waxmelts for sale at Be Bold Body Spa in Salem Oregon

Four Leaf BB Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Candles

Small batch, hemp wick candles that burn longer and cleaner than any you’ll find in big box stores! We have a variety of therapeutic scents to boost your mood, hone your focus and support your energy. Plus they smell amazing!

Aromatherapy Wax Melts

All the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy candles but without the hazards of an open flame! Melting these locally made wax melts will help support your mental and emotional health and release wonderful scents into your home.

Come Shop with Us

We’re proud to carry top quality natural skincare in our spa, and we’d love for you to buy what you need directly from us! Because skincare is individual we find that the best shopping experience is in-person at our spa where we can talk through exactly what you need. But if you need help buying anything you see here online, just send us a message. We’re happy to get you what you need!