3295 Triangle Dr SE, Suite #160
Salem, OR 97302

123 South 2nd Street
Jefferson, OR 97352

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Open by appointment Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


3295 Triangle Dr SE, Suite #160
Salem, OR 97302

123 South 2nd Street
Jefferson, OR 97352

(971) 295-0990

Face & Body Waxing

Come see how body waxing at an esthetician-owned salon really makes all the difference.


Hair. We all have it, but sometimes there’s just some in places you really don’t want it.

We’re proud to offer waxing services for any body part that has hair. Our most popular services are brow and Brazilian waxes. We offer both traditional hard wax and aloe soft wax, using whichever is best for the body part you’d like to have smooth and hairless. We also pride ourselves on the highest quality aftercare products. Because while we can’t remove all the pain from the waxing process, we can promise you and your skin will love us in the end.

Gentle Brazilian Wax Specialist

Owner-esthetician Samantha quickly gained a reputation for her skills as a Brazilian wax specialist, and she has only solidified that reputation in the years since starting her own spa. Read her many reviews and you’ll see it again and again – clients never knew that having such a sensitive area waxed could exceed their expectations. Samantha prides herself on client education, consent and taking as much time as is needed to ensure every client has an excellent Brazilian wax experience – especially first-timers. And if you’ve previously had a bad waxing experience, we promise to take care of you.

Brazilian waxes are not limited to women; people of all genders are welcome and safe to have all the hair waxed from their private areas at Be Bold Body Spa. If you’re looking for a Brazilian wax, but you’ve been nervous and aren’t sure where to go, you’ve found the right place.

Brow Waxing at Be Bold Body Spa in Salem, Oregon
Leg waxing, back waxing, arm waxing and Brazilian waxing at Be Bold Body Spa in Salem Oregon and Jefferson Oregon
Armpit waxing pit waxing at Be Bold Body Spa in Salem Oregon
We're proud to use Mermaid Wax, helping make it the best Brazilian Wax experience you can have!

Proudly Using Mermaid Wax

Gentle on your skin.

We’ve made testing out quality wax products a personal mission, and we (with many other professionals) landed on premium hard wax Mermaid Wax. It is gentle on sensitive skin and amazing at grabbing even the finest hairs. It’s a low temperature wax that feels just warm to the touch, you’ll never be burned by hot wax. Plus Mermaid Wax is green, esthetician-owner Samantha’s favorite color! And to top it off, it’s glittery because everyone needs a little sparkle in their life.


Now Introducing the Vajacial!

Why just wax your sensitive bikini area when you can worship it? A vajacial is a post wax “facial” for the area above your vulva or penis. This treatment will start with a deep cleanse and detoxification of the skin and pores, just like we would for the skin on your face. After your Brazilian wax this will help eliminate blackheads and ingrown hairs, and prevent new ones! Then we’ll treat your skin to the best skincare – which will soften, moisturize, and nourish this sensitive skin. 

We know that it’s tough for a Brazilian wax to feel like “self care” because it’s not the most relaxing thing you can do for yourself. That’s why the best way to make the most of your Brazilian experience is to make your appointment a Brazilian wax AND vajacial. After your wax you and your skin will get treated to the best care possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will waxing hurt?

Well, that depends on a few things. First is the part of you getting waxed – typically the most painful area to wax is actually your shins! Your pain tolerance, the length of your hair, how often you moisturize and exfoliate, and your hormones will also play a role. However, we pride ourselves on gentle waxing! We hope it hurts much less than you thought it would.

Will the wax burn?

No! We use Mermaid Wax, a low temperature wax that melts about 50 degrees cooler than most other waxes. It will only ever feel warm, not hot.

What will this wax do to my skin?

Your skin may be pink for a few minutes to a few hours after waxing, depending on your skin sensitivity. But we’ll also take care of your skin after your waxing with high quality Fur products that will keep your skin hydrated, clean, and free of ingrown hairs.

How often do I need to get waxed?

This will depend some on your hair growth, however we usually recommend every 3-6 weeks. We offer waxing memberships and subscriptions that can ensure you’ll be smooth and fresh all the time!

I have tattoos, can I still be waxed?

Yes! Samantha waxes over her own tattoos on the regular. We do ask that you wait at least 6 weeks after you get a new tattoo before we wax over it. We want to make sure you’re completely healed before we wax you. The same goes for sores or scars – they just need to be completely healed.

How long does waxing take?

This depends on what part of you we’re waxing! If we’re just doing your lip or chin you’ll be in and out in 15 minutes. For a new Brazilian wax client we schedule 2 hours to make sure you’re comfortable and have time to ask questions and breathe between wax strips.

Brow – $25
Nose – $15
Lip – $15
Cheek – $25
Chin – $15
Full Face – $75
Neck – $20
Underarm – $30
Half / Full Arm – $40 / $60
Chest – $55
Stomach – $50

Whole Back – $80
Bikini – $50
Vulva Brazilian $80, Maint $70
Penis/Scrotum Brazilian $90, Maint $80
Derrière – $45
Half / Full Leg – $55 / $70
Feet – $25